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Trade Capitol Trading Group addresses the needs of traders from different backgrounds, knowledge & expertise levels, financial capacities and future goals.

Here, at Trade Capitol we provide our clients with trading plan creation, financial goals evaluation, payment through different channels, trade different financial markets and bringing solutions for your technical and non-technical issues. Our trading services are orchestrated by a mixed team of financial advisors and IT tech developers who are producing a secure and safe trading environment. We are proud to present one of a kind trading services, which are able to multiply opportunities and bring the most recent ones in real time.

We work with a strong collaboration with our employees and our clients, so we understand what is needed the most from trades in any stage of their trading experience. We are collaborating with top financial institutions and top banks in all the regions we operate. We do appreciate the honesty and professionalism of our partners and clients, so we award them with the same honesty and professionalism.

The strongest backbone of our business is the support we provide our clients with. We have created small groups of traders, led by an account manager and supported by a financial advisor. This way, we are giving the proper attention to every trader, and no one is left behind.

At Trade Capitol we are passionate about our tradition as a supportive trading online brokerage firm, and proud of shaping the future of many clients all over the world.

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    From the most classic trading concepts to complex, emerging issues, will be discussed in detail.

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    Through our content and leadership flow, we deliver exclusive information and insights in real time.

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